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Benefits of Guest Blogging at Practical SEO

You get free targeted traffic to your blog. Practical SEO blog is read by bloggers, SEO experts, internet marketers and a vast number of bloggers from the tech community. You will also receive free social media promotion on a vast number of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and Google Plus. Total number of followers in our social media community is over 3,000+ and rising. Your article will be featured on our blog page for all of our visitors to see.  You will get free backlinks to your website. You can submit as many articles as you like showcasing your skills and earning more trust and backlinks from our blog.

What Kind of Articles will be accepted:

  • We will only accept articles on related topics: SEO Niche and Internet Marketing. Look around our blog and get a feel for what types of articles will be accepted. Concentrate on SEO, marketing, social media, blogging, WordPress, Google and search engines and all related tips and tricks.
  • We will only accept original and unique content (Non-Porn) that is not published anywhere else on the web in its original or modified form.

Articles that will not be accepted:

- Articles found elsewhere on the web. If your article posted here is found somewhere else on the web later it will be removed from our blog.
- Promotional articles for a product or service
- Articles with links to unrelated sites (Or any PORN SITE links)
- General articles without useful content
- Articles with inappropriate language
- Linking to banned sites and redirects, adult content will not be tolerated and the users will be banned
- Submitting copyrighted content and images

Guest Blogging Article Format

Before you go over the guidelines for guest post article formats you can go over the articles posted on the blog and get a feel for it.

- Add a Summary with Keywords at the beginning of the article.
- You can add bullet points, number lists, bold text, anything that you like to make the article optimized and looking the way you want it.
- Please add subheadings in bold with larger font.

1) Font name: Verdana
2) Font Size: 10 for article body and 12 for Article Header

- If you can’t find a related link to link from within the post you can use your author bio to link to whatever you want, unless it’s Porn, Gambling etc.
- Send at least one image that will go with the post. Do not use copyrighted images.

How to Submit Guest Post Articles

You can send your articles in MS word or txt format along with an image for the article at

If you have any questions add them to the body of the mail, not in the document. We will publish your article usually in the next 72 hours if it passes all the guidelines listed here. We retain the right to reject any article without further notice. If your article is accepted you will receive a confirmation mail.

We strongly encourage you to promote your article on social media sites and on your blog once it is published.