Friday, February 3, 2012

Optimising Your Site for Tablets

The Tablets became ubiquitous, so that many web site owners would be foolish to not optimize their site to create it friendlier for pull users who uses Tablets. To assist you start here are some tips for redesigning your web site and realigning your strategy to make sure you don’t miss out on the gaining popularity of tablets:

  • Convert Flash content to HTML5 – Whereas different tablets might support Flash but if you would like your site’s content to render properly on an iPad, then you need to change all that flashy Flash content to HTML5. You want additional reason for changing the flash content? Then do it for your SEO efforts, in the end flash is simply regarding as search bot friendly because it is iPad friendly, which suggests not friendly in the least.

  • Use larger fonts and buttons – Tablets might have smaller displays than PC screens, however the funny issue is that larger fonts work higher on mobile devices. Please keep this in your mind by creating things easier on the user’s eyes. It's conjointly super annoying to stay on pressing the incorrect button, thus create buttons finger-friendly and create them as giant as attainable.

  • Avoid paginated pages – Whereas clicking on next page or swiping a finger to induce to consequent page isn't that difficult, it'll mean additional waiting time for your user because the next page hundreds. Since scrolling down is pretty simple in tablets, you must elect read all pages the maximum amount as attainable.

  • Make your content downloadable – You don’t have to be compelled to create everything downloadable, however a minimum of select the foremost widespread or helpful ones and create PDF downloadable versions for them. Lots of individuals use their tablets as eBook and would appreciate having the ability to read your content even though they're not connected to the net.

  • Faster Loading Speed – This suggests that you just have to be compelled to make certain that your web site has quick loading time if you would like pull users to stay around.

  • Simplify your checkout – This is necessary for your conversion rate unless they need an external keyboard connected of course. Create life easier for your users by simplifying your checkout and thus avoid discouraging them from finishing the acquisition action.


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