Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Blogspot.com" is redirecting to "BlogSpot.in"

Now onwards Blogger blogs can redirect to country level TLD extension. Typically I browse Google webmaster central blog, Google blog, Gmail blog etc to understand regarding latest updates from Google. Today i.e. Jan thirty first 2012, I observed that "Blogspot.com is automatically redirecting to BlogSpot. in". As I live in India, it's redirecting to ".in". it would redirect to .co.uk, if I live in UK.

Here is that the official info from Google relating to this transformation - Blogspot.com is redirecting to country specific URL

Points to understand relating to this change:

1. Duplicate content issue is that the first factor we tend to notice during this case. but Google is stating that "rel=canonical" tag are going to be used across all country level extensions and their team is attempting to create less negative impact on search results.

2. Google can receive numerous requests to get rid of content from few blogs. So that they would love to manage country wise removal of content. Few countries might not settle for some content, however alternative countries can. Through this latest update, Content removed as per a country’s law can solely be aloof from the relevant cc-TLD and offered for alternative countries.

3. Custom domains won't see any have an effect on. Free BlogSpot sites can simply redirect to country wise extension, remaining all same.

4. If guests would love to go to non-country specific version, here is that the format: http://domain.blogspot.com/ncr


  1. may this will help them to control there traffic country wise. Each and every blog in blogspot will redirect to .in domain.

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  2. Nice sharing , No doubt . But why I need to redirect at blogspot.in or blogspot.co.uk.
    Actually I think blogspot.com should be better for eye-catchy name selection.
    but bro_ is blogspot.in is better for google search ?

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  4. I guess this will control there traffic but the question is, does blogger.in really work? i never tried it anyway.. thanks for sharing

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  8. Does it affect the SEO value of the site when we use the blogspot.in for Adsense accounts?

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