Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What are 301 and 302 redirect pages?

301 Redirect: 

A Web server performs where a recent URL will be redirected to a replacement one. 301 Redirect may be a "permanent" redirect standing indicating that the resource has moved permanently. When you redirect your domain name using a 301 redirect, it sends visitors to the specified site with a "301 Moved Permanently" HTTP response. The HTTP 301 response code tells user-agents (including search engines) the location has permanently moved.

302 Redirect: 

A 302 redirect sends the visitors to the required website indicating a "302 Found" HTTP response. The HTTP 302 response code tells that the user-agents placement has been quickly moved.

A 301 redirect will give a long-term resolution by pointing your domain names to business or affiliate sites. A 302 redirect points your domain name to a short lived page while you build your permanent website. The particular redirects help the search engines distinguish how long your website are often viewed at this location.


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