Sunday, February 12, 2012

What is the actual meaning of "Spamming" in the world of SEO

As a professional SEO service provider, I want to offer the world of blog readers and the lovers of SEO, the information about “Spam” terms. Spam is the terms which is widely used when you develop an E-Commerce website. Search Engine spiders don’t like spam website and the effect of this spam site goes down and down in the search engine ranking as well as may be banned your website.

For preventing the spam of your website you must avoid these terms:

1) Avoid Door-Way Pages
2) Avoid Redirection
3) Avoid Clocking
4) Avoid Hidden Links, posted in your website pages.
5) Avoid Hidden Text
6) Avoid unnecessary use of Keywords Stuffing
7) Avoid Duplicate Content (otherwise your website can be hit by Google Panda)
8) Avoid Unrelated Link
9) Avoid Intentional Misspelling

If you are follows these steps than you will definitely achieve good positioning in various search engine.


  1. we all wondering to know more about spamming, well your post short out some doubts.
    Thanks for the post!!!

  2. I would go so far as to say that content irrelevant to the keywords is spamming. The mission of any search engine is to deliver quality content to their users. So if you are "tricking" the search engine into thinking your page is relevant to a keyword, when it actually does not have relevant content, then I would call that spamming as well.