Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam?

One big question that swirls around out there's whether Search engine optimization – is taken into account to be spam by Google or not.
A recent video from the pinnacle of Google’s Web-Spam team, Matt Cutts (Works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization problems), tries to answer this question. In short, no it isn’t. Consistent with Cutts, all SEO essentially means that is ensuring your pages are well represented in search results.

There are several legitimate, or ‘White Hat’ ways SEO professionals will use to assist your pages rank high, including:
  1. Making positive pages are crawlable with smart links.
  2. Using robust keywords in site’s content. Words everyday folks can use, not insider trade jargon.
  3. Constructing a website that’s highly usable and contains a style conducive to search engines.
  4. Making your website faster, that is one in all several of Google’s search ranking factors.
Building an honest URL structure that’s straightforward to follow for each users and search engines. Using techniques like these and lots of others are thought of to be okay by Google. Sites that follow these pointers and build smart quality that’s simply crawlable can see their organic rankings build.
However, there are ‘Black Hat’ techniques as they’re referred to as that Google frowns upon. Sites who are caught using things like hack sites and keyword stuffing are going to be penalized severely by Google. Sometimes, these penalties are not possible to endure.
The goal of Google is to come the most effective search results as potential for its users. If a searcher isn’t ready to notice the proper info, they're going to begin wanting elsewhere for it. Because the #1 search engine accounting for over 2/3 of searches on-line, Google has an interest in ensuring it returns sites that are informative and relevant to what the searcher was probing for.

Matt explains how search engine spiders aren't good enough nevertheless to work out what a website is concerning all on their own. Therefore, it’s the website owner’s job to ‘help’ the spider learn what your site is about…this at its core is where SEO comes in. In our expertise, basic fundamentals aren't addressed. an honest SEO can fix these SEO fundamentals, analyze website traffic, ROI and different necessary factors to stay your site’s rankings consistently high.

With that said, SEO is concerning building a website Google will crawl and index. If you rent a quest engine optimization company to handle your site’s SEO, there shouldn’t be any secret on what they’re doing. Your SEO ought to be open concerning what they’re doing to urge your website to the highest of search results.

If they’re not, you ought to go elsewhere for these services. If the SEO firm is using ‘black hat’ techniques, your website and business are going to be the one who suffers, not the SEO firm who used the shady ways.

If your website is penalized for using nefarious techniques, it'll take an extended time for you to form up the lost ground. Meanwhile, the SEO firm can have taken plenty of your cash and can not suffer a similar consequence.


  1. Interesting Read! If You are Performing Black hat SEO techniques for optimizing your site, Then Definitely Google Will Penalize Your Site!