Sunday, February 19, 2012

Know How Search Engines Think - The Behavior of Search Engines

There’s plenty of mystery surrounding Search engine optimization (SEO), and what makes for effective SEO. There’s no secret to successful SEO. If you perceive the items search engines wish, you'll be able to conduct a successful SEO campaign.
Let’s step back for a second and admit Google and also the different search engines. How do they really apprehend what your web site is about? No additional and no but by the “words” on the page. The search engines don't seem to be humans; they can't infer and deduce what your web site once they crawl your web site. Therefore the search engines apprehend what your web site is regarding by the words you employ in your content. in fact the search engines have some intelligence and you can’t get by with keyword stuffing, however in terribly basic terms, this is often how the search engines apprehend what your web site is regarding.

Search Engines Don’t Index What They Can’t See

Search engines don’t index what they can’t see. This means that each page that you simply wish during a search result should be:

1. Browsable. If I can’t notice your page by clicking links, an exploration engine can’t notice it in the slightest degree. Pages hidden behind search forms, logins and different non–clickable gadgets are invisible. Bet on it.

2. Static. I don’t mean within the ancient, “static HTML” sense. I mean that each one content on the page should be delivered when the visitor arrives — no AJAX, no Flash content masses.

3. Easy. Finally, all of the content on your page ought to be visible to a browser that doesn’t support cascading vogue sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. Search engine “spiders” crawl internet because the dumbest web browsers on the earth. Patronize them with the best code you'll be able to.

Make sure your content is visible to individuals and search engines alike.


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