Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Facebook Fan Pages Released With Timeline, Pinning & Private Messaging

Today Facebook rolled out a replacement version of Fan Pages that look much closer to profiles because of the addition of Timeline.  As reported, this unharnessed coincides with the "Facebook Marketing Conference" (FMC) occurring in New York.  The new look Pages have abundant bolder and visually appealing look:

Some of the highlights of the new pages provide admins the flexibility to feature milestones, cover pages, customize the page with pertinent info, message privately, read activity logs and have access to additional admin tools.

Cover Photo

Just like Timeline for profiles, Pages can currently have the flexibility to feature a canopy photo at the highest of their page. These 851 x 351 pixel photos are often an existing Facebook photo or a replacement photo that an admin uploads:

Pinning and Wide Posts

An extremely valuable tool to marketers comes in conjunction with the restructure of Pages that permits specific posts to attain bigger visibility or to be pinned at the top of the page.  By choosing a star button on a post, the width can increase to draw a better visibility.  If the pencil icon is chosen, the posts are going to be pinned to the highest because the main post.

This is an excellent feature which will extremely build a Facebook page act additional sort of a landing page with targeted messaging being additional visible than daily chatter.

Important information at the Top

Photos can stay within the 1st spot, however each different position are often modified to what matters the foremost. Further spots are often full of current info or (up to 12) Facebook applications:

Noticeably absent is the presence of Facebook tabs.  InsideFacebook reports that custom tabs won't be able to be used for landing pages as all users are going to be driven to the most timeline enabled Page.  Instead it's suggested to awkwardly pin a selected post to the highest of your page that links to a Facebook tab.

Private Response Messages

A very nice new communication feature is included that permits brands to privately answer users.  New messages can show up within the notifications panel and may be turned off if a Page desires:

Improved Admin Panel

The admin panel of a Page currently adds in notifications very like typical profile pages.  Included within the new look admin panel is messaging and a snapshot of recent activity and likes:

Enabling Timeline for Pages

In order to examine the new Facebook page preview, an admin should be enabling it for the page. To try to this merely head to the standing page and click on upgrade on the page you’d prefer to update.

Currently its up to directors to publish the restructure, however all pages are going to be migrated to the new system on March 30th.